Thursday, February 08, 2007

Happy Snow-day!

Timelord this one's for you.....Happy Snow-day to you, Happy Snow-day to you, Happy-Snow-day to the Timelord, Happy Snow-day to you (This also goes for the Posh Bird and Pip Ford, neither of whom are privelaged members of the Bloggers-circle.....yet!).

Yes not one but TWO Mr-Men for you
....although Im not so sure Mr Christmas
will actually be spotted today?

If anyone see's Mrs FLN tell her to put leashes on Robbie & Rudolf or they may get lost in the white stuff!


Mrs Teapot here's a belated Mr-Man post for your 21st B'day last weekend:

"Mr Funny lives in a teapot shaped house, and drives a shoe shaped car. If there's something funny that he can do, Mr Funny will do it. You'd better get ready to laugh when Mr Funny visits!"

1 comment:

teapot said...

AWWwww Gee thanks!! I loved the teapot house too and Matt loved the Mr Men books.
He would watch them early afternoon when he was young in the days when Arthur Lowe used to narrate.

Are you counting the days down till Oz?!
Looking forward to squillions of e-mails!