Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Struggles & Maddness

Correct me if Im wrong but it seems the Blogging World of Sutton/Erdingtonshire has slowed down alot in 2007. Could it be a new strain of influenza that the Jolly Green Giant has unleashed?

I feel like I left my senses, motivation and memory in 2006, so far 2007 feels really strange. Ok I haven't exactly lazed around doing nothing all day but I can't remember much of whats been happening! That said I've been doing a mix of activities this week, filing and shredding with Heidi, DIY with Beci, TV watching and of course more preparations for Australia trip!

Maybe Im just lacking in motivation not having a reason to wake up and get going in the mornings.

Last night mum had a phonecall telling her our fake Auntie (94) had passed away in her sleep, I feel kinda bad for not being too upset...... I was upset but my tears were for Matt as it brought everything flooding back. Please pray for me, alots going through my head right now and I want to be level-headed when I get on the plane at Heathrow in 10days.

P.S. Anyone up for an outing to a local cinema next week? (Not Tuesday eve as Im on PJ's team who will win the Curry Quiz Night)


English Blogger (Davie B) said...

ermm I have blogged 21 times in January and 8 so far this month?I do't think tat is slow!!!!

The Random One said...

you're an exception, meant in a loving way!

JollyGreenGiant1982 said...


Im praying for you mate, you are my best mate, you have been for years and i know that I am going to miss having you around...again! I will blog soon i promise, I just have flat, work and genral life issues, sorry!!

If you need me my friend you know where i live!!